From my new book, The Magic of Love, soon to be released

My Brothers and Sisters

My brothers, my sisters, my family.
Where have you been? Where have you gone?
So much angry energy, so much will to live.
Can that energy just have dissipated with the wind
blowing outside the hospital door,
your essence washed away with the tears
of the ones you loved, the ones who loved you?

We were eleven and then we were nine,
two babes swept away before they could
be more than a hope, a dream.
The nine of us struggled on in poverty
never knowing we were poor.
So many hopes, so many dreams,
realized and forgotten
as life passed swiftly away into eternity.

We were nine and now we are three.
My dear sister is just a shell of what she had been,
her flaming red hair covering a flaming hot mind
filled with the energies of a thousand days and nights.
And you my dear brother so cool, so calm,
richer than us all, always self-assured, always confident
in who you were and what you could become,
with a way of living life to the fullest.

Now here we are so far apart,
separated by years of walking different paths,
yet bound together with the soft silver threads
that make our hearts beat in rhythm
and our souls vibrate with common memories.
Soon we too will be gone from this planet
to we know not where.

Yet these last moments are still precious
more precious,
because they are lived with the full knowledge
that there may not be a tomorrow,
that the meaning of today,
of the past, of the future, of eternity,
if there is an eternity,
is to stay as long as we can in this ever present moment,
to let our hearts feel the full joy of giving, of loving,
and to give our souls time to solve the mystery of life,
which is to find the meaning and purpose of living
within this crazy span of disappearing years.
We now can share that meaning in the twilight years.
We live to love and be loved.