From my new book The Magic of Love soon to be published

This love had a beginning but it has no end.
This little mess of flesh straight from the womb
grabbed my heart and squeezed it oh so tightly
that love burst from my heart and soul
and my eyes erupted with tears of joy
celebrating that you had arrived alive,
celebrating that I now held love in my arms.
When the doctor wrapped you in a warm blanket
and placed you in my arms,
I knew that I would die for you,
but more importantly, I would live for you.
I would give you all that was in me.
I would give you the father I never had.

And my Father’s love has since expanded each day
watching you grow into a that little ball of energy,
climbing the tallest trees and scaling the tallest mountains,
the teenager who knew how to love your friends,
the young man giving of yourself in the back woods of Africa,
the scholar fighting your way through the jungles of thought,
becoming something I never wanted you to be
because of the drain on all your emotions,
the emptying of all your resources,
a teacher like me, and then a psychologist like me,
giving me the greatest compliment
a son can give his father.
You followed in my footsteps.

I have watched you marry for love
and father and love four beautiful children
so they become like you
like you became like me
loving like I have loved
with all your heart and all your soul.

But you have loved better than me,
kinder, more patient, more complete,
free of the burdens that held me down,
Loving you when I could not love myself.