Hello sweet one.
Your aura forms a halo around you
and I see your spark of divinity.
I feel the welcome into this life
you have prepared for me.
You are my goddess sent ahead to guide me
so that I can lie down in green pastures
and dine at the table of love
you have prepared and shared with me.
And I know this is a safe place to spread my wings
and fly with you to the boundaries of life and love.

Through the years I have felt that moment
that we created, our special time of knowing.
Through the years you have guided me
through the valley of the shadow of death.
Your presence has always been there
to comfort and guide the child in me.
Your spirit is always with me to restore my soul.

Now that you have moved on.
that moment is still with me
to be lived over and over again.
In times when I feel lost and alone
your presence reassures my heart
that I am okay and this sorrow too shall pass.