merganser’s song floats above
the murmur of waves
an ebb tide deposits seaweed
twirled in knots
rock crabs scuttle under bits of shell
the tide pools are alive

broom in yellow shock
its fibers a woven mat invade the hillside
support the Garry oaks in gnarled posture
bracken a surprise in green
sweeps beach alfalfa into spear grass
as pea vine waits to entwine
the unsuspecting

tangled driftwood roots
weathered by many storms
a story there from seed to sea
its cousins now sprawl
in blackened beach-fire remains
vestiges to be washed away

boulders almost hold
the transient intent
of rocks and pebbles
gravel and sand
to build the bluffs –
a face that’s never still

as kingfisher chatters for a mate.