When the heart is in control, we have it all. Love involves the powerful magnetic energies of our whole being that attracts another being with similar desires and vibrations. We search carefully for someone to share our deepest hopes and dreams.

My heart takes the blame,
but my body is the culprit.
It seeks love in all the wrong places.
It leads me down a dangerous path
that is laden with pitfalls for my heart
that wants so desperately to be loved
that it will follow the desires of my body
and my mind’s willingness to trade safety for a kiss.

Oh be careful my heart
for love does not necessarily lie here.
Passion has tied you
to my body’s physical desires.
My cajoling mind has deceived you
with the promise of bliss.
My body and my mind have created bonds
and maliciously woven them together
to entrap you.
They say these desires are not just their wants
but they claim they are now their needs.

They lie.
Be careful my heart.
Listen to your own truth.
Lead my heart, lead; do not follow.
Seek the perfect moment when your love
can snuggle into the embrace of another heart
and blend into the hopes and dreams of another soul.