There is nothing welcoming
In the hollowness of being alone
I have felt your fear
Open it to me
I will kneel before you
Towel tied around my waist
Dip my cloth into warm water
This silver bowl
Full and clear, glistening waves of light
I will take your foot in my hand
You have travelled far
With no shame you cannot share
Beginning at your calf
So much to wash away
Tracing veins, intricate patterns of you
This moment is long
Ease into the cushions
Smooth and running caress
Brush softly over the bruises
Blue and purple, flowing around your shins
I know where you have been
Close your eyes my sister
The strength of you in your ankles
Scars old and healing
As I wring out the cloth
Feel the sound of water dripping into water
Draw it under your heel
Curve into you
Working toward the arch
Wonder at the smoothness
Look up into your face and know what we are becoming
Settles as I carefully work between your toes
Savouring you
Counting from largest to small
Taste your vulnerability
Let the light soak in
Simply deserving of the love that we are

Myron Shutty