Precise sun indifferent moon casting call signs.
The hollow blue light pressing between my shoulder blades.
Emptying the pit.
How can we be?
This smile won’t be mistaken for torn earth.
She’s blossoming trees, overcoat standing,
Kicking stones sideways into the ocean.
Bending down to count leaves of the fallen.
Don’t even know the difference between a poplar and a birch.
Wake up in territory dances.
Rags and ripped.
Who will be the wizened ones?
I can do both.
I can have it all.
Take me to the place where the trinity cracks.
Oh how I love that sound.
The satisfaction of free-falling flowers.
Let me caress you–stroke your foolish eyes.
The mountains melting behind, the plains before the knowing.
Walking into the tidal wave of fire.