I am an empath
but I am more than an empath.
I can feel your sorrows,
but faith without works is dead.

I am altruistic
but I am more than altruistic.
I spend my life serving others,
but works without love is dead.

I am compassionate.

I feel the depths of your sorrow.
My heart tells my mind to do what it can.
I act just because my heart desires
to feel the life force flow through me.
My soul joins in on the celebration of life.

As love surges through me to another,
my mind’s energy flows through my body.
It becomes a conduit to the soul of another.

We become one with the universal presence
which unites us to each other in spirit
so that we become one
in body, mind, heart, and soul.

For a moment we are wrapped in a web of joy,
so that our whole being
can feel the touch of the infinite.
We experience the ecstasy of being alive.