Neil has been a regular contributor here. I love his poetry. Watch for his next book – Jigsaw -coming soon.

there’s always been      a plague      absurdity from conflict
improbability      interferes      with
tradition      as nature     serves up surprises

humankind has a penchant for      rhetoric      fatalities
of panic      empty shelves      hoarding food
protecting our own     aggression against others

in a curious scramble     quarry to alarm     warnings
more stress     vulnerability     observing
statistics rise daily     national lockdown    scientific race

on the edge of our seats     watching     waiting
for word of     a cure     a vaccine     an injection
listening for good news     relief     a reprieve    the curve might be

dropping     instinct for survival    exceeds convention
rituals questioned     rethinking priorities    masses embrace
new behaviours    dances of distance    masks of disguise

we return to places of     quiet observation
a search for fresh answers     could the solution exist
between     meaning     and random?

somewhere    an inner voice challenges     in the heat of
night     don’t lose your cool     what happens now
      your children     will remember

all part    of the same kindnesses     most are
unseen     undocumented     in the end beyond
logic    surrenders to hope     only hope    always hope