Gut messages

They pile up,
ideas, dreams, hopes,
one on top of the other.
They cram in from both sides
until I am squished inside this tiny box
that my overworked mind has created,
a set of confining rules that limit my vision
to just the tiny spectrum of exhausted thoughts
that will make my mind feel wanted and needed.
They imprison my spirit that longs to be free,
confining it in a mind-based penitentiary
so that I cannot run to the open spaces
where my spirit longs to be.

And then my gut churns, twists,
screams out its pain of being ignored.
It enlists the cooperation of my eager heart
which beats faster to raise the crescendo of protest.
My legs wobble slowly losing their strength and power.
My weary gut forces my lungs to insist that my body
must sit down, take a deep breath, and rest awhile.
It sets my heart free to declare to my weary mind.
that it must slow down and embrace the moment,
to give my lungs a chance to breathe again,
to let the sweet energy of Mother Earth in
to nurture my soul.

And I begin to see, to understand
those things that seem so urgent
will still be there tomorrow,
but today is just for me.
to breathe,
to feel,
to love just being me.