A Sense of Knowing

Above all else, intuition is the knowing that there is more to life than what is perceived by my mind. I become aware of myself as a powerful spirit in a fragile human body with a fragile human mind. It is knowing that I have a heart that loves and a soul that breathes the essence of eternity. It is a knowing when I am operating from my Higher Self because it brings sensations of peace and contentment. I can know when some course of action is for the greater good for myself, for those I love, and for my fellow human beings.

I Can See the Truth

I watch my mind’s thoughts.
I hunt for clues in my words
spoken casually to others.
I search my feelings about
how my words are spoken
and received.

I notice the way I comb my hair,
the way I say the things I say.
I take note of my thoughts
about how I appear to others.

And then I see the one true path
that is true to my heart as well as my mind.
I smile;
I laugh;
I walk away from the image
my mind wants me to portray.

I take a moment to close my eyes
and empty my mind of wayward thoughts.
Obstacles depart one by one,
until the path before me is clear and wide.
My heart now free at last to love life,
tells my weary self that it loves the ME in me,
the old poet writing poems at 4 in the morning.

This love surrounds those precious to me
my children and grandchildren,
the strong young man learning to be a man,
the beautiful young lady starting university,
the new born babe just opening her eyes
to a world awaiting her beauty and power.

And then I see all the children of the world
through the eyes of love
and plan my day to find a way
to let them know they are all indeed loved.
I write another love poem