I watch my mind’s thoughts.
I hunt for clues in my words
spoken casually to others.
I search my feelings about
how my words are spoken and received.
I take note of my thoughts
about how I appear to others,
the way I comb my hair,
the way I say the things I say.

And then I see the one true path
that is true to my heart as well as my mind.
I smile;
I laugh;
I walk away
from the image my mind wants me to portray.

I take a moment to close my eyes
and empty my mind of wayward thoughts
that depart one by one
until the path before me is clear and wide.

My heart is now free to love life,
to set aside this moment in time
to feel the love it has for those precious to me,
my children and grandchildren,
the strong young man learning to be a man,
the beautiful young lady starting her first year of university,
and the new born babe just opening her eyes
to a world that awaits her beauty and power.