The world in which I live has been very difficult. However, my mind persisted in seeking meaning and purpose which eventually took me into the spiritual realm, either to deny it or to embrace it. At this point, my mind surrendered to the will of my heart to love and the desire of my soul to connect to the universal presence.

I Surrender

The battle is over, the war has been lost.
All my weapons have been employed,
but they were never enough.
My body did not have the power to rise again.
My mind was lost on the path to nowhere,
my soul abandoned on the fields of despair.
I had no more to give. I surrendered.

But my heart refused to quit.
With each beat it rejected my mind’s desire
for the ultimate peace of nothingness,
to go quietly into the deep dark night.

My heart searched for and found my lost soul
abandoned in the forgotten fields of yesterday.
My soul introduced me to universal Spirit.
I surrendered.

My mind ceased its struggles,
and the old me died
so the new me could be reborn
from the ashes of the old.

By my daily act of surrender
a new life begins each morning.
It guides the power of love into every cell.
It strengthens my body;
it restores my mind;
it comforts and empowers my weeping soul,
and I rise again.

I reengage in the struggle.
My heart restores its love for life,
for this body
for the courage of my beautiful mind.

I take the love for life, for myself,
to the innocent,
and for those who know not what they do.
I march right back into the front lines.
I am compassionate. I write love poems.