Living Without Fear

Fear is all around me but there is nothing to fear
Here, in this place, at this moment;
For I do not place my hopes in tomorrow;
I choose to focus on this day, this moment,
Where there is no fear, just the joy of living
One day at a time, one moment at a time.

 When I walk in the forest I take in the smell of death
From the dying and rotting moss covered vegetation,
But I choose to absorb the life of the living forest.
When I step upon and crunch the shells along the shore
I choose not to dwell on yesterday’s living things;
I choose to smell the salty scent of the living sea.

I do not ignore the physical reality,
The spirit of death that covers this land that I love,
But I will not invite it into my home.
Nor do I let it infest my heart and soul.
I will not let the fear of death destroy my love of life.


By Lawrence J.W. Cooper