As my wife and I continue to grow together and expand spiritually, romantic love has become mature love, and then transcendental love. We are more than lovers; we are soul-mates; we are kindred spirits.

Love is Never Lost

I have loved and lost,
but I have not lost my belief in love,
and I have not lost my ability to love.
It is a force within me that I cannot stop.

For it is love that drives me
to give up a small part of myself,
so I can create even more of myself
that will expand with each love I love.

And in my never-ending search for love,
I have found deeper and deeper love.
It penetrates my mind with the truth
that the woman I now love is the one.

Her love reposes in my soul
and flows into the rest of my being.
It sets my body on fire with passion.
I am blissfully and passionately in love.

My mind thinks she is all I need.
My heart knows she is all I want.
My soul feels her soothing energy.
My Higher Self tells me
we are one in body;
we are one in mind;
we are one in heart;
we are one in soul.

She is my kindred spirit.