I had a mother’s day presentation and a meet the new poet laureate event along with a book signing for my latest book, The Room,. on May 12th at the Laughing Oyster. Here are two of the poems:

A Mother’s Faith

My mother shared in the power of creation,
Weaving the magic of believing,
To design, to make, and to fashion,
A piece of her own reality into me.

And she rejoiced in her power to believe,
Possessing the wisdom to shape a thought
A moment of passion, a moment of love,
Into the souls of her nine children.

She created hope from the fragments of despair;
Changing the reality of the ones she loved,
Simply and miraculously because she believed
She could teach them to trust their own power to believe.

And so she created her beautiful family,
This collection of souls who transcend body and brain,
So that we can feel the breath of all that is,
And reshape our world because we too believe.


My Mother Taught Me that This Life Is Enough

My Mother taught me that this life is enough.
I am content, to know that I am human, just human,
With just this limited mind, with just this fragile body,
With just these few days lived, with just these few days left to live.

I am content, to see these last few days pass swiftly,
Taking me beyond the boundaries of time,
Not knowing if my essence will survive,
Or just dissipate into thoughtless energy.

And I am content because I have embraced life,
I have shared my breath with these ancient trees,
And watched and felt the sunrise on the Salish Sea,
As a surge of pure golden energy has engulfed my body,
Creating and experiencing the harmony of being with my soul

And I am content because I have lived this life to the fullest,
Daring to be me and to dream my own dreams,
To create my on reality, and live my own life,
To forge my own path through the chasms of chaos,
And to dare to follow in my own footsteps.

I am content because I have felt the breath of life,
Stir the desires and passions of my body,
I have lived to create and to propagate,
And to pass on all that is me and in me.

And I am content, because I have passed on my essence
To my sons and my daughters
And through them to each and every generation
That will follow in their footsteps.

And I am content because I have passed on the essence of my mind,
Through these humble thoughts and images,
That I have put on paper and bound into books,
So that someone, somewhere, will see what I see,
And think what I think, and feel what I feel.

And I am content, knowing I have lived and fulfilled my life purpose,
I have cherished this essence of this life that is me;
And I have shared this life with all living things;
And I have shared my soul with my fellow man,
And above all. I have loved and been loved.