I was honored to be invited to attend the Comox Valley Arts Board May meeting. What a great bunch of people. Comox Valley is privileged to have such dynamic group working on our behalf to bring the gifts of the arts community into the public eye. This is the poem I composed for the occasion:

Keepers of the Gate
(Dedicated to Comox Valley Arts Board)

We are the keepers of the gate,
Protecting images painted on canvas,
Scenes enacted upon the stage,
To make us laugh and cry,
True stories spoken from the heart,
Fantasy and fiction created for the dreamers,
The creation of the moods and sounds of music,
The flow of images and feelings in poetry;
These must be seen and heard;
We are the keepers of the gate.

We protect what is most precious,
Those fragments of thought and feeling,
That transport us beyond the mundane.
These are the offerings of one soul to another,
A communication that goes beyond images and words,
That tell the story of human existence,
The heaven and the hell,
And the meaning behind it all;
We are the keepers of the gate.

We are entrusted with the sacred duty
Of protecting the essence of the human soul,
Keeping it beyond the reach of greed,
Shielding it from the tyranny of the majority,
That longs for everything to be the same;
We dare to be different;
We are the keepers of the gate.

And so we form a brotherhood of believers,
Who believe in the beauty of life,
And the sacredness of the individual,
And her right to be seen and heard;
We support each other in our divine duty,
To live and breathe and understand
What it means to be caring sentient beings.
We are the keepers of the gate.