I attended a poetry session last Sunday in Cumberland and met a delightful group of poets. The abbey is an old church that has been rededicated to the arts. It provided a cozy and artistic environment for the evening of poetry. There were approximately twenty poets and poetry lovers in attendance.The first hour was an open mike session. In the second hour, Ed Varney gave a reading from his life-time collection of poems. It was like a walk-through of the past fifty years in an unique story-like style of poetry.
     I have chosen three poems from the open mike session that emphasized life in the Comox Valley area. Hopefully you will get a taste of the style and lives of these poets and make a point of dropping in for their next meeting. I highly recommend that you make this your poetry home if you live in the area, and if not, drop in and spend an evening with this warm and welcoming group of poets.

The first selection is by Donna L. Bennet.

Upon the occasion of a visit to McLoughlin Gardens
At Williams Beach, Vancouver Island, May 1, 2019

We who are poets
Follow memories of once-upon-a-time paths
Alongside a tumble of yarrow and tansy and sage:
Yellow-green scents released by the sun.

We who are poets
Find stories buried under stone tumbled walls
Root woven with juniper, cascara, blackberry and salal:
Borders blurred by the wild and the tame.

We who are poets
Seek words in the shadows
Elderberry, and hawthorn, and cedar and fir:
Dark places that draw us away from the light.

We who are poets
Trace labyrinths of time in lost orchards and fields
Breeze shimmered grasses knee-high next to oak:
Hear echoes of laughter; child’s play from the past.

We who are poets
Discover joy in whirred wing-beats
Quick flashes of feather: ruby, copper and green:
Enchanted by the flame of red currant and gorse.

And then the great ocean,
The diving bird’s call,
A sudden vanishing beneath the surface,
The infinite expanding of ripples.

And, in the reflection of the bluest of skies,
Seamlessly unraveling an endless horizon,
Are we who are poets.


(please note: I have not yet received the other two poems and shall put them into the next newsletter)