I take time to experience the beauty of nature in silent worship. As an intuitive person and a poet, I take time to notice minute things that most people consider unimportant or simply ignore, mostly because their minds are always focused on doing something instead of being someone. When my senses are open and my mind is quiet, I am able to sense a different reality leading to a different Truth. I know that life is precious and the essence of living is to relax and enjoy the treasures that are all around me.

Minding the Small Things

I see things
that no one else sees,
the dance of the ravens
as they frolic
in the gale force winds
between the sea and me.

I hear things,
the sound a raven makes
when she calls her mate,
the sound she makes
when she scolds her young ones,

When I walk in the forest,
and talk with Mother Earth,
I see death where others may see life.
I see her wounds,
the stumps of the old giants.
I hear her voice moaning in the wind,
amidst the laughter of the tills
ringing up the profits of greedy men.

When I walk along the shoreline
and peer into the depths of the sea,
I see the ghosts of yesteryear’s harvest,
the disappearance of the herring,
the lost souls of the schools of salmon,
the cries of the orcas that are no longer here,
the silent tears of the ancient fishermen
who no longer sail the seas.

I hear a stressed father’s voice
instructing his four year old son,
the pitch and tone telling him
the world is cruel and demanding,
the power and timbre showing him
he will never be good enough.

And I see into the future
what is
and what might have been.