This is a poem written by Susan Armstrong. It is a brilliant view of life in the  valley enjoying the richness of living things that adorn this beautiful place in which we live. She demonstrates a unique use of punctuation. Remember, every period is a stop and every comma is a pause.


Seasonal Changes

White butterfly kites by.
Amplified inspection reveals.
Tiny black speckles its wings adorn.
Invisible conductor accelerates the rhythm.

Seeking soothing solace, river babies flock.
Breeze bustles along.
Tickling a wayward journey,
Ruffling watery depths.
In concert with sun and eye,
Brilliant speckles emerge.

Dragonfly breath parches thirsty shores.
Swimmers splash and plonk, scribbling a rippling tale.
Porcupiney yellow grass
Cradles asphyxiated discarded butt.
Mauve clover blossoms brighten.
Crickets chirp.
Maple leaves quiver.
Distant traffic Buzzes.

Blackberries pop and release.
Sweet syrup.
Helicopter hovers like a winged pear.
Bicycle bells ring out.
Long shadows stretch, beseeching the tide’s return.
The estuary waits eternally,
Sending its musky current into a hazy counter swirl.

She wears a yellow sundress
Toddler capers nude under mother’s curbside gaze
Joyfully unaware, free,
For Now.