How do I know when my heart comes alive? I can feel it in the depths of my being; it is pure joy. I see all of life as a playground for my inner child to laugh and sing and run barefoot chasing butterflies through spring meadows.It’s contagious. It just flows out of my heart and carries its message of the sacredness of life to the world around me.

My heart beats with a different beat.
It dances in rhythm to a different drummer.
It sings the song of love, the song of life.
Its beat brings blood to all the cells of the body
that it loves because it takes it to where it wants to go
so it can dance to the music of the gift of giving.

My heart holds the life force of the universe,
the love that can carry it to the farthest stars
the love that fills itself up with the power of life,
with the power of love,
a power that must be shared.
So my heart reaches out in love to everyone.
It magnifies and enriches my bonds
to my children, my life-mate.
It flows to my special friends
who walk this path with me.
Love flows in compassion to everyone in need.

My heart becomes a vessel of compassion.
This life-giving balm flows through me
causing my mind to speak in parables
stories of how good being alive can be.
Shared love creates a feeling of joy
that surges through all my senses
creating this ecstasy I feel when I am in its flow.