What does it look like?
What does it feel like?
What is the why beyond just the biological need
to not be alone?
to be a part of the herd?
to be protected from the dangers of the dark?

Friendship looks like two souls
who have chosen to walk together
through an old growth forest
with ancient moss-covered maple trees
lending their green light,
a serene shade on a hot summer day,
just because they want to be with each other
to unlock a mystery.

Friendship sounds like the gentle wind
whispering through the cedars
careful not to disturb the sacred silence
of two hearts beating as one.
Friendship is the sound of soft tender words
echoing in the stillness
giving back sweet energy to the trees
and the world around them.

Friendship feels like a cool ocean breeze
on a hot summer day,
a warm touch on a cold shoulder,
a hug to ripple through a sea of sadness.
Friendship is a soft sense of nearness
to a solitary secluded heart,
a feeling that all is well
even when the mind cries,
“There is no peace”.

Friendship means love,
not the kind that runs ramped
on the streets of chaos,
but the kind that settles into a quiet fear
and says it’s okay to breathe.
It is the kind of love that shouts,
“There is joy” when we are together.

Friendship is knowing it’s okay to be you;
it’s okay to be me;
it’s okay to be us.