(a traditional Ode)

When kindness flows through me to others,
I see only light and feel only the celestial glow.
It pierces the darkness that stifles and smothers
With a brilliance that eliminates every shadow.

It reflects back all the love I impart
So that I enter Mother Love’s inner core.
She stirs and comforts my eager heart
With gifts of more and more and still more.

This feeling breaches the defenses of my mind
So that only good thoughts flood through me.
They overpower my brain with cords that bind.
They release a calming steady stream of infinity.

My heart touches, heals, and rebuilds every cell
Creating a rhythm of sympathy and empathy.
My body whispers words of love to quietly tell
My feet to dance to the chaos amidst the agony.

I embrace the love as it begins to ebb and flow
And I know, I actually can feel the ecstasy.
My mind follows my heart where it wants to go;
I embrace all that is and all that will ever be.