I have had the following request:

At this time, I am engaged in a personal poetry project and I am looking for opportunities to connect with local writers to learn and share, critical feedback to improve my work, as well as opportunities for public reading or possibly publication…. Are you offering 1-1 sessions to review and offer coaching/feedback on individual writers’ work? Do you anticipate hosting or supporting poetry events locally, such as readings or master classes?  
     If there is interest, I would host a writer’s group for poets who are serious about publishing. And yes, I will be hosting a series of poetry events in the fall that I call Poetry with Purpose. It will be centered around controversial topics such as reconciliation, mental wellness, bullying in the workplace, and suicidal and at risk behavior. If any of these topics interest you, drop me a line and perhaps we can work out a Poetry With Purpose Presentation night together. I am also interested in doing a series of workshops in writing and publishing starting in the fall.
    If you are interested in being a part of a serious writer’s group that meets for the purpose of getting sound criticism and advise for the purpose of publishing, please contact me at lawrencejwcooper@gmail.com