When the present does not seem to be where we want it to be, our mind schemes and creates dreams. We build a better world in our minds that we hope will lead to a life that we will love to live. When we share our dreams with our philia friend, they support and encourage us. With the help of a friend we can see that a blissful future is just one step ahead on the road to self-actualization, and with their support, we believe we have the power to get there.

Sharing my Dreams

I am your friend;
I have your back;
you have mine.
I am eager to listen to your successes,
your dreams, your plans for the future,
your worries that you may not be good enough.
I am willing to listen to your fears
that are holding you back,
knowing that by just listening
you will find your own path
through the wilderness.

We cherish the present, these precious moments
when we are together forming memories
to replay in the hard and lonely days ahead.
These today moments help us shape the future
that we create by being together in the now.
We are manifesting the future together
one thought at a time
one action at a time.

I pledge to be there through the good days
to help you fulfill your dreams
that are now on their way
one day at a time,
one hope at a time,
one victory at a time.