As we progress through life in the present, we are ready to meet and bond with new people, new friends, who will respect the learning we garnered in our past and help us build a better future for those who follow. But it all has to happen in the now. These times together are sacred. These are our friends, our family of choice, whom we have selected based on our common wants and needs, our common purpose at this moment in time. They help us discover the meaning of life as it is unfolding. They help us stay focused on creating a life of meaning one day at a time, one moment at a time.

New Friends

We meet on the battlefields of life.
We fight fiercely united in a common cause
against helplessness
and hopelessness.
We want a better world for our sons,
a better world for our daughters,
where they both can live and breathe as equals
in a world that forgives,
a world that lets them be who they want to be.

We see each other as equals.
We do not judge by the color of our skin
but rather by the vibrations of our hearts.
Together we strive to create a world
where here is no us;
where there is no them.

Our spirits seek the Source of light and love
in the shadows of the past and present.
Together we seek out the greater good,
for the brotherhood of human beings.
We are united in a common cause
to see beauty in the human soul,
to protect our dear Mother Earth,
to make this world a better place to live.

Our bodies seek the same purified air,
where our minds can seek the same purpose,
and our hearts can share the same love
for each other
and for all who come our way.