I have the power to open my door
to anyone in need;
I do not fear losing my essence
to those who take.
I will not be depleted;
there is no end to the energy
that flows to me and through me
to those who want.

I can see beyond the words and actions of those
who dwell upon just their own wants,
and see the world as a feast to be devoured
while the rest of the world hungers.

Come and take; come and feast.
Your fear will not stop me.
Your greed will not devoir me,
for I listen and watch not with my mind
but with love from my heart
and the vastness of my soul.

You can never cause me to feel unworthy
for I know my infinite worth.
You can never make me feel unlovable
for I love myself unconditionally.
I am not afraid of being swept away
by your words and pompous actions
for I am grounded and centered
in the source of life and love.