I have been on the front lines
in this battle for my mind.
I have taken the best my enemy has to offer,
the stress,
the strain,
the angst,
the desire to be something I am not,
the urgency to do something
that does not have to be done,
the desire to sell a million copies of my books.

But I have a solitary place
where I spend my morning hours
pondering what is important.
Like an insane man I talk to myself.
I talk to the trees;
I talk to the birds
that share my sanctuary with me.

And they answer in their own special way.
The pair of humming birds hover around me
sharing the energy of this precious moment.
The pair of northern flickers sit sideways,
feet locked on the trunk of the old dead tree,
and quietly observe my religious ceremony.
The noisy pair of starlings drop in,
forget their business of making mischief,
and take their seats in the trees.
They create combinations of sounds,
hoping to tell me they enjoy this moment.
The shy thrush stays just out of sight
adding a ‘fwheet’ from time to time.
The old trees that surround my hidden garden
stand guard to protect this sacred silence
from all the distractions of the outside world.

Free at last from the battle for my mind,
I let my thoughts flow freely
stirring emotions that lie silently dormant.
I listen to myself with my heart and soul
and answer myself with my inner voice
that tells my mind that we are special
and today is a gift, a fruit of the vine,
to be plucked, tasted, and savored.

And then I listen to the voice of my soul,
a voice from the Source of life and love.
The voice of my heart responds,
free at last to speak its truth
with words of love for myself,
words of love for life,
words of love for all those
who share this life with me.
It urges me to share this sacred moment,
this love energy from my heart,
with all those in need
with all those I have the privilege to love,
with all those who love being with me,
so we can walk and talk with the divine.