Infatuation is a good thing. You have just met that someone special and you want to have him or her. It is your body’s natural response to sexual attraction for the purpose of procreation.

He hunts; she lures;
the game is on.
The hunted entraps the hunter;
they fall together,
tripped up by their own anatomy.
Their blood boils.
Their hearts pump frantically.
Their bodies command.
Their minds go silent.
They release a wild voiceless passion.
She becomes that wild woman,
and he becomes that insane man,
who seem to exist outside themselves.

Morning comes.
She sees a stranger in the bed beside her.
She finds her discarded clothing.
She leaves a note with a phone number.
The choice is now his.
She heads back to her apartment
with a hope in her heart
and a smile on her face.
He reads the note and grins
with the joy that comes from knowing
that it can all happen again.

They have a memory to savor and enjoy
until they each again face the fear of being alone.