I am an empath. I give. This is what I do.
I lead from my heart and give from my soul.

My eyes are open; I see life in the shadows.
My ears are open; I hear the cry in the night.
My heart draws me to someone
who needs to be seen,
who needs to be heard.
My heart patiently waits
ready to cry with the broken hearted.

I offer my time freely to anyone who needs.
I offer my love liberally from my infinite source of love.
I open myself up to feel, to absorb,
the fear, the anger, and the hurt.
I give purpose to those who are hopeless and helpless.
I give love to those who have no love,

I absorb the negative energies of a soul’s sorrows.
I filter words and tears through my heart.
With each breath I release the negative energy
to the power of two as one,
to the power of the Source.

And then the miracle begins.
With each breath the Source transforms sorrow to joy.
I celebrate and I wait,
open again to hear another lost voice,
open again to love another broken heart.

I am an Empath. I give.
This is what I do. This is who I am.