As a conscious person, I like to get out of the confines of buildings and walk and talk with someone who may be disillusioned with life and is seeking their meaning and purpose. I like to seek out the healing power of nature. I want them to experience the universal source of positive energy that is always there to sustain and restore us. I want them to experience the joy of life that flows all around us and through us.

As we walk through the dark allies of your mind,
I keep one foot on the path walked by my soul.
I promise to bring you along on my path of light
and not walk with you on your path of darkness.

As we walk through the forest,
we can touch the old ones,
and feel their rough bark with searching hands,
and sense the spiritual energy they can share
with those of us who take the time
to witness the power of their ancient presence.

We acknowledge their wisdom gained with age.
We gaze up into the leafy green canopy.
We praise the majestic beauty of their crowns.
We acknowledge their sacred existence.
We allow their essence to flow
into our essence.
For a precious moment we share
the mystery of life.

We experience the power of the Forest,
a healing tonic to our bodies.
The very air we breathe is filled
with their life-giving chemicals
that soothe our minds.
Their steady powerful energy flows
into our brains
forcing its will upon our hectic circuits,
imposing its calmness on our being.
It refreshes our love for life.
It gives us the spiritual nutrients we need
to grow into the people we aspire to be.

Come walk with me a while.
Let us breathe the free air together.
Let us walk through yesterday’s leaves.
Let us smell today’s blossoms.
Let us stow away and hoard these gifts,
remembering this moment of togetherness
and once again feel the power of the forest.