I crave solitude.
I avoid crowds.
I shun parties.
In a crowd of four, I seek one soul
to reach into the depths of meaning and purpose.

I am an introvert, a label I proudly wear.
I thrive on joy,
not the wild kind filled with talk and laughter,
but the melancholy where we both feel the moment,
and share the good, the bad, and the ugly,
special moments that have brought us to the present.

My greatest joy is to walk silently with someone
and share the presence of the universe
strolling through an old forest in spring,
as the new maple greens
filter the harshness of the noonday sun,
or strolling barefoot along a deserted beach in winter,
when the tide ebbs and offers soft hard sand to tired feet,
to scrape away the dead skin from yesterday.

In these moments there are no words.
We communicate with feelings of life and love.
We sense that we are not alone
but part of the brotherhood and sisterhood
of conscious souls,
part of the family of the divine,
to be sensed only
through the stillness and softness of silence.