I listen; I hear.
I open myself further
to an invasion of my mind.
I see the hurt.
I can sense it; I can feel it.
My vegus nerve screams in agony.
A destructive force attacks my body.
I feel the pain.

I now know;
I now feel; I now understand;
I feel what you feel.
Together we weep
for what was and what is not.
Together we cry for the pain to end.

Then my heart let’s loose its love,
love for life, love for you,
and together we begin to see the light
and the dark shadows begin to disappear.

Our bodies close the gateway to pain.
The hurt begins to dissipate
under the glow of two hearts
united for a moment in time
beyond the reach of hurt.
We cry. We hug. We laugh.
We become part of the universal flow of love
that can only be experienced
by two hearts beating as one.