Why are the lives of people like Mother Teresa so inspiring? When I see her demonstrate a life of compassion, there is a desire to be like her that inspires me to help others. My subsequent act of compassion uplifts someone else and opens the door to lead them to experience this joy through yet another act of compassion. The combined power of their compassion and mine releases the full energy of joy from the source of love and life that has a ripple effect.If we all pull together, we can end hate, bullying, racism, and intolerance, one act of compassion at a time, one person at a time, one ripple of love at a time, one love song at a time, one love poem at a time.

The Ripple Affect

My eyes have been opened.
Now I see clearly what was hidden before.
I see a web of love spun by a power so great
that the bonds of compassion cannot be broken.

I see the path of destruction through the chaos
that man has created through hate and greed.
I see a parallel path leading to green meadows
where my child within can play with your child
and frolic through long forgotten memories.

Come and play with me in the fields of forever.
Let us run with the wind that blows through us,
that fills our sails with purpose and power,
so we can feel the joy of loving someone new.

Lets go to the place where laughter abides,
the place where negative vibrations evaporate,
where we embrace the universal touch of love,
where a new tomorrow is waiting to be born,
where today is all we ever want to see.

Come with me; I know the path; I can see it,
where the ecstasy overwhelms our senses,
as the floodgates of love are released,
carrying us along into the golden stream of life.