Agape love is selfless love, the love for humanity. It is the closest we get to unconditional love. We do not expect anything in return. It is reflected in our charitable acts. It is the compassionate love that makes us sympathize with those who suffer. It helps connect to people we don’t know for a moment of awareness of each other’s existence. Our souls connect and we share our life energies. By giving all that we have and all that we are, we find beauty in life. The world today is in a crisis. We need more agape love.

The Shaman

My love for my soul mate has introduced me
To the love of many and to the love of all.

I search the eyes of everyone I meet.
I seek out their spark of eternity.
And when the spark has faded
or been smothered by clouds of sorrow,
my mind seeks a path
through shared thoughts and words.
My heart creates a vibration.
My love energy resonates
with the agony of another.
My soul connects with their soul
to understand, to love, and to heal.

And then the music begins,
the soprano and the tenor,
that sweet duet of harmony
between two people who sing the same song.
The whole choir of awakened souls
joins in for the chorus.
The universal orchestra builds a crescendo
celebrating the miracle of another awakened soul.
Another shadow disappears,
And a new light is birthed to fight the darkness.

I live for this.
I breathe in life.
I expand.
I grow.
I love.
I live.