Don’t lie to me.
Don’t modify your truth
so that it distracts us
from doing something real
for a cause that is real.
Don’t disguise truth with platitudes.
to make yourself look bigger than you are.
Don’t make yourself into a victim
to garner sympathy,
when your problems seem so minute
compared to those who truly suffer.
Don’t try to hide the truth in mysticism;
don’t define the truth by your religion,
your confining and discriminating doctrines.
Don’t try to expose the truth in another
who wants to hide from pain.
Oh god don’t.

Then let us not define ourselves as anti-racist
Or ant-animal cruelty
Or anti-establishment
Or anti-anything.
Let us define ourselves as seekers of justice,
seekers of mercy,
seekers of brotherhood,
where everyone is seen
just as they are and all our actions
are guided by the eyes of love.

Just let me see life as it is.
Just let me see and meet the real you
So that you can meet and see the real me,
and let us together begin to change this world
into a better place
where truth is the basis for action
and action is guided by the heart.