From my island window
two trees
uphold the canvas
of sea and mountain

Douglas fir, stalwart as steel
stands stately to my left
deep rooted fortress of the birds of prey
whose silver crests glint in the shafted sun.
This regal fir
green feathered warrior
arrowing ever skyward
his crown beyond my purview,

And to my right,
across the frame,
I see a queen, arbutus,
bent in lissome dance.
All curves and curlicues her branches are
with shivering leaves,
and bark unfurling, glows
with berries that adorn the boughs.
The fairy birds flit humming
through her outstretched arms
that lace a tapestry
against the cobalt sky.
With every wind that blows
she spins her golden castoffs
a-twirl the bright lacuna
toward her sturdy consort.

Sublime quartet
of mountain and sea,
arbutus and fir
how you help me start my day!
To see you always from my window,
I only hope and pray.