I am starting a new section to my newsletter called Poet’s Corner. It will feature poems from my own storehouse of poetry as well as contributions from my fellow poets. If you have something you want to offer I will include it without judgement or editing. To start us off here is something from my new book The Enchanted Life.


My Gentle Soul

When I greet each day with my gentle spirit, I begin to understand the nature and wholeness of my connection with Mother Earth. Through my masculine soul’s interaction with the sacred feminine, I become a conscious person who walks gently on the Earth and touches my fellow man with a gentle touch.

Covenant with the Sacred Feminine

The sacred feminine is the matrix of creation.
She is the divine light to my soul.
She has been birthed in my body
By the gift of life from my mother,
Who gave me her own blood,
Her own body, her own female soul.
She shared her primal mystery with me,
So that through her, I too can understand,
And share in the mystery of the creation of life.

Therefore, I sacrifice my divine masculine
On the altar of the sacred feminine.
Through the power of my submission,
I combine her gentle spirit with my innate drive
To love, guide, and protect her.

Through this covenant,
I learn to cherish life itself,
And so I become the protector
Of all living things.

When I deny my divine connection
To the mystery of the feminine,
And plow blindly ahead
With my misguided masculine mind,
I deny my connection to the Earth,
And I cut my world off from the only source
That can heal, nourish, and transform her.

When I deny her ageless wisdom
That carries the ancient memories,
I detach my soul from the source
That gives meaning to my life,
Which nourishes my mind with truth.

I need to honor her presence
Within this masculine body,
And within my masculine soul;
I need to cherish the ground I walk on,
And the air I breathe,
I need to kiss the Earth softly,
And touch her body with a gentle touch.