Well we have decided on the theme for our Poet’s Pub Night  for March 30.  It is titled , Spring into Spring. Time to put away the blues and spring into sunshine. Again a thank you to the poets who contributed their work to the booklet we are putting together with all proceeds going to the Gala Nadine NIC Memorial Scholarship Fund. Here are two more poems from Poet’s Pub Night.



I came a long way.
I don’t know.
Is Canada home?
I am a Human from Earth.
Who are these people?
They wear poppies on “Nazi Elimination Day”.
They say they have a land of Milk and Honey.
Or is it oil and gas?
Is it First Nations first?
Is it Climate first?
Is it BS baffles brains?
It is called colonialism.
A hereditary cast of our leaders lives far away.
“Gentlemen seeking adventure” they used to call them.
Terra Nullio.
The gentlemen brought axes so the totem poles got bigger and better.
The axe bringers also brought smallpox blankets, they tell me.
Who are these people?
They now need to seek permission to make a totem pole.
They forfeited their privilege to make totem poles with their own axes by bringing the blankets.
They say.
I don’t know.
The more I learn the more I know: This is NOT my home.

Apocalyptic Witch

It’s from the bible.
It could happen any time now…
…they said days after Jesus was burnt at the stake.

Everyone is so evil.

Surely that means the apocalypse will happen in our lifetimes.
So that means we can stop worrying.
We can just pray all day.
We do not have to do anything.
The more evil and chaotic everything gets,
the closer we are to our promised apocalypse.
Us, the believers will be with Jesus on
a cleansed Earth for 1000 years.
Then we will go to heaven with our Heavenly Father.
So who needs Jesus now ?
He would just get in the way
of Christianity’s illustrious plans.
Instead, we have apocalyptic witches.
Like Greta Thunberg.


Poems by Christina