Fifteen brave people came out to take part in Poet’s Pub Night in spite of torrential rains and a major power outage just across the street at the Filberg Center. I was especially pleased to have three poets show up and contribute who had no previous experience with writing and reciting. As usual we had an evening of fun playing with words. The evening was called A Dog’s Breakfast.

Here is part of my opening poem

A Dog Poem – or an Idiot with Idioms

Welcome, come in, relax.
It’s been raining cats and dogs,
Time for a little fun and sunshine.
Welcome to a Dog’s Breakfast,
A meeting of poets
Where we regurgitate thoughts we have digested,
Warm them up, spit them out, and lick them up again.

Some would say that’s enough poetry
Let’s just let sleeping dogs lie.
Let‘s admit that the world of poetry
Has gone to the dogs.
We have heard too much bitching and whining
Till each of us is as sick as a dog
Of complaints about this dog-eat-dog world.
We are dog tired of dog eared passages
A collection of our woe-is-me poems.
We have become just another tired voice,
Poets whose bark is worse than our bites.
We are merely a collection of underdogs.
We no longer are the tail that wags the dog,
And our words have slipped into mediocrity.

Ah but this dog has two tails,
Let’s speak of love.
Let’s reincarnate those days of puppy love.
Let’s be poets with puppy dog eyes,
Who weep with the best
Who howl at the moon with the worst
With dog tired words and phrases.


And here is my closing poem

Pub Night

Poets, new poets, old poets,
A collection of people
A colection of thoughts,
A moment of togetherness
Sharing words
Sharing emotions and feelings
sharing images
Sharing clever lines
Sharing humor.

Pub Night
The beer goes down smoothly
The warmth penetrates the heart,
The courage
The willingness to share
Penetrates the soul.


Just a reminder to everyone who participated please send me a copy of what you have composed for my poet’s Pub NigHt book production.