Poet’s Pub Night, The Dead Poet’s Society, was a huge success. I must admit that the first two Pub Nights were a bit of a struggle, but thanks to Kera’s encouragement and the sharing of the work load, they have now become a great night out with fun activities and plenty of warm vibes being exchanged among the participants. Poets were genuinely listening and hearing what each other had to say. There were about thirty people at the pub with at least a dozen poets willing to share their thoughts and poems. Contributions included poems from the dark side for the Halloween season, poems from dead poets, and tributes to writers and close-ones who have passed on. 

Many of the writers chose to write on a more serious vain. Here are a few poems from the evening. The first is my trite peace of dark humor written from my persona, the Grim Reaper. The other two serious poems were written by a young man who left his poems with me but not his name.


I am the Grim Reaper

I have come; I have come.
Did you call my name?
There is no shame;
There is no blame;
Come with me; come, come.

Ride with me on this horse with no name,
And leave this life behind without a sound.
Bury your wants and desires in the cold hard ground.
Let you pains dissolve with the lost and found.
And rest at ease in the eternal flame.

I have come my friend, I have come my dear.
So set aside all your cares and woes,
Grasp this fantasy that just sighs and flows,
No more pain, no more life’s cruel blows.
Rest forever without sorrow, without fear.

I have come my friend I have come young man,
So just slip away with me to the Promised Land.
Don’t ask why, don’t try to understand;
Just grab your instrument and join the band;
I’ll praise your talent, I’ll be your biggest fan.

I am the grim reaper but I do not reap,
That is just the lie they want you to believe.
There is gold in my promises that you can retrieve.
Trust me; I do not lie; I do not deceive.
Are you tired, come, I will put you to sleep.

By the Grim Reaper
A.K.A. Lawrence JW Cooper



Words are My Bible

Words are my Bible
stars are my guidance
an enveloping violence
in this belligerent silence

Speak up! If you are able,
so your words may touch
a soul or two in need,
I plead to you all, be the
best person you can be.
so we may yet change the
world in need of correction
with questionable deeds
you may change the world you will see

Words are my bible 
stars are my guidance
the belligerent silence
among an enveloping violence,
 if you Wish to be different, speak out!
Speak up! If you are able,
reach out with your words so you may enable
 a simple touch or two into a soul in need.

Just as I plead to you all
to be the best you can be
we may yet change a desperate world
in need of correction,
with a few simple words
and your own personal blessing
whether it is held with contempt or in question
You may still change the world in a second
in a sentence
with your hovering presence
if you let it, you can change the world indeed
You just need to open your eyes,
we will see.


Welcome Home

Welcome home to a place you can rely on,
Yet find disappointment too,
Prove your worth
And still fail to find you are able

Welcome home to a place you were born,
Somewhere you can reach out to without ever leaving the door,
You may feel your failure but you will never find
Those who relate to you more,
Push your boundaries beyond this feeling into the unknown
So you may find exactly what you have been looking for

Welcome home to a place cold and warm
A place you can call home.