Just a reminder that Poet’s Pub Night is this coming Monday, September 30, from 7 to 9 pm, at the Cornerstone Taproom on Fifth and Cliff. The theme for this month is 100 Thousand Poets for Change. If you have poems you want posted at the pub you can drop them off there or bring them with you to be posted and shared either by you or yours truly during lulls in the proceedings. There will be two writing sessions, the first outlining the wrongs in this world and the second the dream of how it could be. Be sure to bring a writing pad and a couple of pens. If you do not want to write and participate you can always come and cheer on the evenings writers. We want to showcase the talents of our Comox Valley Poets and to demonstrate the power and beauty of poetry. Bring a friend. 

Please Note:

  1. By the way, I am initiating a showcase table. If you have business cards you want to leave or books you want to show and sell please bring them and we will help you get them onto the Poet’s Table (along with my stuff) and help you promote your work. During intermission and before and after proceedings you can man the table and give your pitch. Good practice and all among friends.
  2. There will also be  a fund raiser table for the Gala Scholarship Fund as part of our emphasis on Mental Wellness. Gala died tragically during the prime of her life from the Fentanyl Drug that is sweeping away our precious young people. . Apparently a poet in Cumberland came up with a great idea that I  would like to borrow. At a market day, she sold poems rolled up and tied with a ribbon for two dollars. Love the idea. Bring a poem all rolled up and we will use them for a fun raiser: a Poem for a Toony  and all the proceeds go to the Gala Fund. 
  3. Please pass this message and my website on to everyone you meet. We want a full house. Standing Room only. 


Here is “What’s Wrong with My World” poem submitted by Bud Taylor. See you there, Bud:

The Lute in Pollution – A ten stringed winged perilous instrument of Renaissance fame

industrial revolution round street corners and pubs do strum and make soft rains

Now today amid the Anthropocene new Renaissance heroes in global need do explain

Find the lucky in pluck Francesca da Milano chords and raise a shout

amongst a far flung chorus

Do make routes with fine fought bouts and voices hoarse

In revelations overcome the black shrouded smoke Toltec’s metote, a mind of fog filled with industrial rage and missed on the beaches covered in

plastic disdain

Overcome the fossil fueled fission touted

age of insane by the youthful information armed staged thought full sage Magnus the mage

A penned refrain of a rainbow sandwiched between mountains and blue blue sky a rallying cry on a little blue Globe’s main stages

The band the fans the stage-crew all chained in rusty pain the same bird’s cage a planet at bay

My cousins say we will all drown because of global warming, i say
We will not be aswimilated” — art

Bud Taylor

Mar 25 · 1 min read