Pub Night for Poets is shaping up. After a meeting last week with Cornerstone Taproom staff and members of our CVPL committee, I finally feel that we are gaining some traction. We now have a team to make these nights fun and profitable, hopefully for the Taproom because of their willingness to host these things, and for us as a community of poets and writers as we have some time to let off steam, and just enjoy the art of writing. Our agenda includes “100 Thousand Poets for Change” night on September 30th, “Spooks Spouting Off” on October 25th, “The Pursuit of Purpose and Peace” (I love alliteration) for November 25th, and “To Hell with New Year’s Resolutions” for December 30th. We have also laid the groundwork for a series of events for the Mental Health Month in May including awareness of the feelings and struggles of our brothers and sisters with Borderline Personality Disorder (my baby), PTSD, Bipolar, and a Campaign against Bullying and other destructive forces in the workplace.

100 Thousand Poets for Change Night – A little clarity on the September evening – It will be from 7-9 on Monday, September 30th at the Cornerstone Taproom on Cliff and 5th. The theme is the worldwide campaign called “100 Thousand Poets for Change”.   Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Share your “What’s Wrong with my World” written poems by dropping your typed versions off at the Taproom. These will be placed on display at the taproom for promotion of the event, and read by the Poet Laureate (me) during lulls in the evening proceedings.
  2. If you wish to share your written “What’s Wrong with  my World” Poems with me and my readers please email them to
  3. Be prepared to come and share your concerns on open mike and in table side conversations.
  4. Be prepared to write. We will have two writing sessions. The first will be our slam – what we feel is wrong with the world. The second will be on our dream – what a better world would look and feel like. Two awards will be given,  one for Super Slam (based on the loudest “boo” s, not to be confused with booze), and one for Delightful Dream (based on the loudest oohhs, aahhs, and amens).

Please come and bring a friend. This is for lovers of poetry as well as for the participating poets.