The first Pub Night for Poets on August 18 was a smashing success. There were approximately twenty poets in attendance, all us very bad poets writing very bad poetry. The evening winners were Jessica for round one and Divan for round two. If I spelled those names incorrectly, it was simply a result of being around bad poets who wrote bad poems. Everyone there will swear they had a good time.

The next Pub Night for Poets will be September 30, the last Monday in September. Hopefully you will all have just been paid and have enough left over for a pint of beer and a pub snack. The Topic will be 100 Thousand Poets for Change. This will be slam night. Bring your best “this damn world” poem for the first round of readings. This will be followed by a write and share session. The prize for each session will be a pint of beer or a drink of your choice and a Pub Night trophy. We meet at the Corner Taproom on Cliff and Fifth from 7 till 9 pm. Bring a friend. Oh yes, you do not have to write and share, just come for the fun if you so wish.