This is week two of the meditation exercise. We will continue to meditate for a fifteen-minute period each day. But during this week, we will focus on being aware of our Higher Self interacting with the environment through the magical powers of our heart and soul. The mind working through the brain is a beautiful thing; it makes us mentally different from the rest of creation, but it is the soul working through the brain that creates the mental state that we refer to as mindfulness.
We focus on and experience our sensations without thought. We leave the prefrontal cortex out of it. We open up our sensory receptors and allow the images and feelings to stay in our midbrain, thalamus, and sensory processing centers, the core of our old brain that is instinctual rather than rational. Then we allow our senses to interact back and forth with the environment and enjoy the rich blessings from Mother Earth. We become aware of the magic of our bodies interacting with the world around us. We become aware of the essence and energy of our Higher Self absorbing the energies that flow around us and through us. We become the presence in all we see and feel.
In my case, I go out on my front deck in the early morning and feel the visual sensations of the sunrise of the Salish Sea, then shift to the sound of the waves, the wind in the cedars, the barking of sea lions, and the singing of the birds. Then I sense the touch of the air on my skin and the sun and the wind on my face. Sometimes in my morning meditation, if I see an eagle fly over my yard, I let my heart and soul connect to it in admiration and respect and it inevitably flies over me and tips its wings.

I suggest the following procedure:

• For the first five minutes, just settle into your body, get comfortable, close your eyes, and slip into a relaxed state. You can visualize and reestablish your physical and spiritual grounding. Then visualize your Higher Self exchanging life energies with Mother Earth.
• In the second five-minute period, you can open up your eyes and experience all the visual sensations coming from the world around you.
• You can let your focus shift from sense to sense, from sight, to sound, to smell, to touch. Try not to name or label or allow your mind to form thoughts about what you see and feel; just witness the presence of these things you are sensing.
• In the third five-minute period, try to become aware of your Higher Self as the presence in all you can see, hear, and feel. Use your creative imagination to visualize your Higher Self connecting your life energies with the life energies of other living things.
• Then visualize their energies mingling with your energies. Take in the sweet, soft sensations and rhythms and, in turn, send out your love energies back to them.