Storge is an ancient Greek word which means love between family members; agape love begins at home. We learn to love through the bonds we share with our mother and then our father and then the other members of our family. We learn to accept and love each other unconditionally.

The familial bond is very strong. Some people believe that when the child enters this world it may be a free spirit being without the flaws that come as we live in this life. As such, it may have the power to create spiritual love bonds. This begins with the love bond between baby and mother and then she passes the child love-bond on to the father. In my case, with the birth of my son, I got to hold him first while the doctor took care of afterbirth business. I knew at that moment that this was my child and I would willingly give my life for him. Whenever another family member holds the child, another love-bond is created. Mothers intuitively seem to know this as they pass the child to everyone in the family with pride and joy. As each family member holds the new born babe, another bond is created.

The spiritual becomes the physical as the body and brain begin the physical bonding process. A surge of love energy creates an electro chemical impulse from the heart that then passes on into the brain. The hypothalamus activates the production of endorphins and oxytocin from the pituitary gland which serve as neuromodulators for connecting to the pleasure center of the brain thus creating powerful neural circuits. This results in the physical feeling of love that extends into other organs of the body through to the gut. We breathe and absorb this love throughout our whole body.

When we enter our teen years the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland again work together to link the emitting of oxytocin to testosterone and estrogen from the sex glands. This combination of hormones again serve as neuromodulators that link physical sensations of love from the pleasure centers of the brain to sexual gratification. As we become slaves to our passions, this physical drive compels us to give up our sense of independence to find our mate and expand the power of love through our children. We create love families.

Growing up with someone and sharing these familial bonds allows us to know our brothers and sisters in a way that no one else does. We are there with them from the beginning, and we have unique experiences throughout our lives that allow us to grow the bond. We support one another through the tough times. Knowing that we have people rooting for us makes life easier.