We will again concentrate on improving our mind. This may seem repetitive but the mind is the battleground that we have to fight through to reach a grounding in spiritual virtues and values. By looking at the struggles from many different angles we will reinforce what we are trying to do by creating a variety of links to old mind states that we can reroute back to the pleasure center of our brain thus changing the mind state and the thought and behavior pattern.

We accept and honor all the mind has done for us up to this point in our lives. If we seem stuck in negative thought patterns, it may be that we have not accepted the fact we are worthy of having a healthy mind or we may be holding on to the pain bodies of the past because of shame or guilt. If the problems are deep seated and there appears to be no solution, we may have to recognize and accept that the struggle may never be completely resolved in the mind. Those old neural circuits made up of wounds, feelings, and memories may always be a part of us which can be triggered from time to time by life’s circumstances. We may have to accept them for what they are now and trust our Higher Self to resolve these issues at the subconscious level in time. If these thoughts are interfering with our ability to grow and expand, we may need to seek professional help.

If there are no issues, we choose one thing about our mind each day to celebrate. Be sure to make it a true celebration with your favorite wine or chocolate.

I suggest the following:

• On day one, while in a state of relaxed contemplation under the influence of your Higher Self, ask your mind to express its concerns. Employ the strategy of positive self-regard and accept these concerns without judgment, then write them down. Then prioritize the six items you may wish to work on.

• Each day choose one area and call upon your Higher Self to bring its unlimited resources of knowledge, wisdom, and energy to solve the problem and then trust your Higher Self to do its work.

• You can visualize this connection to a universal power of pure white light that slowly penetrates the folds of your brain. Stay in this state until you feel a sensation of self-love and self-acceptance. Usually this act of acceptance will be sufficient to refire and rewire the brain and heal the old wounds in the mind.

• If there are deep-seated conflicts, try to realize the depths of these conflicts, and accept that the feelings, such as rejection, confusion, and emotional pain, are natural under these circumstances. Just giving yourself permission to accept these flaws often is enough to resolve the issue.

• The following day reexamine these conflicts and note the progress you have made.

• If the problem is solved or you feel that you have made sufficient progress, let it go and move on to a new concern.

Day one – priority list:
1. __________________________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________________________________________

5. __________________________________________________________________________________

6. __________________________________________________________________________________

Day two – listening to the mind
Situation: ____________________________________________________________________________







Today’s step: _________________________________________________________________________