Once we become conscious of just how beautiful and powerful we are (or can be) in body and mind, we can turn our attention to our soul. Our soul feeds on positive energy. We have to develop a life style and circle of friends to please our soul, indulging in those things and activities that bring feelings of peace, joy, and love.

In order to feed our soul, we may want to ask ourselves these questions. Are my relationships mainly with positive people? Is my job the kind of work that gives deep personal satisfaction and does it allow me to contribute positively to society? What about my hobbies and leisure activities? Do these enrich my soul? Do I meditate and rest my body and mind so that my soul can enrich my life? Do I stay in the moment taking nature walks and allowing the beauty of the world around me to penetrate the never-ending activities of my mind?

I suggest the following:

• On day one, do an inventory of how much time you spend nurturing your soul and make a list of changes you can make. Choose six items and prioritize the list.

• For the next six days, choose one activity which will allow your soul to expand and grow.

• The next day, note the changes and choose the next step. If you feel the task is complete, thank your Higher Self for its wisdom and select another activity.

Day one – My inventory of the needs of my soul:

1. __________________________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________________________________________

5. __________________________________________________________________________________

6. __________________________________________________________________________________

Day two
Area of growth: _______________________________________________________________________

Growth activity: _______________________________________________________________________


Results of growth activity from the previous day: ____________________________________________