Our exploration of the mind chakras takes us next to the third chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra which is a vibrant yellow. This chakra is located between the navel and the lower end of the sternum, in our solar plexus. It is our grounding chakra in that it keeps the spiritual chakras connected to the physical chakras. It is a connection of our mind with our body and, as such, might be considered as our gut or personal power chakra. It helps us establish ourselves as individuals and, in essence, is our SELF chakra. It is connected with the important virtue of self-love. It is our center of self-esteem. It is our expression of will and personal power. It helps us assert ourselves in the world and allows us to relate to our tribe from an individual standpoint. It offers self-understanding and self-acceptance which form the bond between body, mind and spirit. Once intact, nothing in the physical world can limit the power of our human spirit. Even small gains in energy can change our human dynamics. We live without fear. Even our human limitations can become assets. Once grounded in self-belief, we can access universal energy for healing. Painful traumas and memories can be healed instantaneously.

Yellow brings light and growth into our life. A weak or dull yellow may indicate physical problems connected with the pancreas, liver, digestive system, or gallbladder, and with our ability to absorb nutrition. Psychologically, it may indicate problems with empowered thinking, creativity, well-being, and lacking feelings of self-control and access to abundance.

I suggest you spend a few minutes each day doing the following:

• Enter a contemplative state of relaxation.
• Try to visualize the solar plexus chakra. It should have a bright yellow color full of vibrating intensity. It should have a compact round shape, and be located between the belly button and the sternum. It should have a slow and steady spin; too fast may signify anxiety and too slow may signify a feeling of powerlessness.
• Try to note its general state of well-being. If all is well, spend a few minutes thanking your mind for maintaining a sense of physical and mental power.
• If the chakra lacks color, as you breathe in try to visualize the yellow color of the energy coming from nature and entering your body with your breathing. Focus it on the chakra until the color is restored.
• If your chakra lacks intensity, or is out of position or shape, or has a slow or rapid spin, you can visualize your spiritual hands reshaping and restoring it.
• If the chakra refuses your efforts, you can call upon your Higher Self to reveal the cause of the disturbance. It may be some physical problem or there may be psychological problems with empowered thinking, creativity, well-being, and feelings of abundance.
• You can then call upon your Higher Self to heal the mind and restore the chakra. The Higher Self will either immediately heal through visualization of life energy flowing into the damaged area of the body or the brain, or it may set out a cognitive path through your mind for self-healing.
• The following day, check the chakra again to see if it is restored. If not, repeat the process.

Day one
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