The next step is to put the voice of our heart into sync with the voice of our mind. Under the guidance of the heart, we will naturally flow towards opportunities to expand our ability to love. It longs to connect and resonate with other human hearts. As we extend our love to family, friends, partners, children, and grandchildren, that love energy grows. We then can seek out ways to love this life we have, this dear Earth, the company of other conscious souls, and all who are in need.This week we will listen to the voice of our heart as it leads us to people who need a loving touch. It can be an email or a phone call. It can be a visit to someone who is going through a difficult time. It can be a random act of kindness. Acts of love are the chief way we grow as spiritual beings. We expand as the love of the universal intelligence flows around us and through us. When we do it from the heart we do it unconditionally. We expect nothing in return. We do it just because it is the ultimate function of a conscious human heart.

For example when I encounter a street person looking for a handout, I do not cross the street. I listen to the voice of my Higher Self. If this is someone in genuine need, I make eye contact, smile, and give them a twenty-dollar bill. No questions asked. I add a word of kindness and respect. I do not judge the person in any way or worry about what they will do with the money.

However, we have one area of concern. The heart will sacrifice the needs of the body, mind, and soul for the sake of love. Therefore, we always set our heart free to love but under the guidance of our Higher Self which will always choose what is best for us as well as for those we wish to assist.

I suggest the following:

• Try to commit to doing one act of love and kindness each day.

Let your heart direct you to an act of love for the day.

• Choose a time and place. Make an appointment if necessary.

• Do it – no excuses.

• At the end of the day record your thoughts and feelings.

Day One
Love activity: ____________________________________________________________


Evaluation: ______________________________________________________________




_____________________________________________________________________ .